[s-cars] Vibration on acceleration, advice appreciated.

RGuzz rguzz at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 12 11:01:18 EST 2004

94 S-4, 92k miles, has developed a shudder, or vibration, mostly 
noticeable on early take off in first or second. No clunk  or play 
perceptible, otherwise quiet except for a squeal that  sounds like fan 
against radiator while decelerating under load. What about engine, 
tranny mounts accounting for this? Entire drivetrain shifting forward? 
Shifting feels okay without lag.
  No undue noise while turning. Recently tightened the adjuster on the 
rack and eliminated mid wheel position clunk which appears to have 
resolved that problem.
Am leaning towards thinking trans-engine mount might be bad. Inner CV 

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