[s-cars] Shipping to Canada via UPS...don't do it!

Robin Stoddard rstoddard at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 12 23:00:45 EST 2004

So today's update; all parts were ordered from various companies on Dec 
- USPS:  Received the parts today, no extra brokerage fee, duty...nothing.
- FedEx:  Shipping still in progress.
- Direct order from Audi Dealership:  Received  on the 9th
- UPS:   They still haven't figured out what they are in business for!?  
To make a long story short; different driver on Friday doesn't know to 
look in the mailbox for cheque (as per their own notes & instructions) 
and leaves another note saying that they will attempt to deliver again 
today.  So here it is, today, and I still don't have the 3rd box.  So I 
call UPS to complain; the lady I talked to says that the package 'just 
arrived this morning', and so my response was 'then WTF did the driver 
attempt to deliver on Friday then?!'  'Oh', she says then, 'I see it 
arrived last Wed'.  By the end of the conversation I tell her that since 
their drivers are incapable of delivering packages, to hold onto the 
package and that I will pick up the box myself.  So, any bets on that 
they will ship the part back to it's point of origin saying that they 
could not deliver it?  ;)


Achint Sandhu wrote:

>Ship using USPS (United States Postal Service) if you can. They have a deal 
>with Canada post and you don't get tagged brokerage. Same goes for shipping 
>the other way, use Canada Post and things work great.
>I've just about had it with UPS too.....
>Also if you can get a sympathetic retailer to tag the package warranty 
>replacement, you don't get charged duty or taxes.
>On January 09, 2004 09:38, A Ma wrote:
>>This exact issue came up on another forum I'm on. Brokerage is charged by
>>every courier company shipping from the US to Canada. Rates do vary though.
>>Here's a link to the whole thing
>>Selected excerpt:
>>"...Brokerage is only charged on items crossing the border (US to Canada).
>>This is to cover time and effort by the courier to go through the import
>>paperwork. That's why you can get around this by doing the paperwork
>>yourself (if you want to spend the time to head downtown, park, wait in
>>line at Customs, fill out the forms, have them filed, bring the copies down
>>to the courier company and ship your own stuff to your own door
>>The brokerage fee you're paying includes the following: brokerage based on
>>the value of shipment, disbursement fee (for pre-paying the GST owed on the
>>shipment), C.O.D., GST on the shipment & GST on the brokerage, disbursement
>>& C.O.D.
>>>From: Robin Stoddard <rstoddard at shaw.ca>
>>>To: s-car-list at audifans.com
>>>Subject: [s-cars] Shipping to Canada via UPS...don't do it!
>>>Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 00:32:01 -0700
>>>Just in case there are any Canadian's out there thinking of ordering those
>>>parts as a late Christmas present to themselves.  Do not, I repeat do not
>>>use a company that only uses UPS for their delivery's!
>>>I ordered $755 in parts from a certain company who charged a shipping fee
>>>of $79.14; total bill $834.14...Okay I can handle that, but wait, that's
>>>not the end of it, hang on to your shorts or I should say your wallet!
>>>When the UPS guy arrives at my door with the parts, he wants an additional
>>>$148! (brokerage fee for all their hard work). WTF!  No warning, nothing
>>>saying that bill was coming.  So with nobody home, this guy leaves 2 of
>>>the 3 boxes and writes a note that pretty much says that they are holding
>>>the 3rd box hostage until they get their $148.  And that I am to leave a
>>>cheque in the mailbox for him when he feels like delivering the 3rd box.
>>>Robin, being mugged by UPS in Calgary AB
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