[s-cars] Nakamichi with a Bose system?

Neil Swanson neilsphoto at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 17:38:25 EST 2004

Didn't someone here say there was sone Nak unit that
worked witha bose system?

Here's why.  Many months ago my CD changer died.  The
unit from Audi is NLA (no longer available).  So I
just listened to radio.

Then I got an iPod. Love it, love itunes.  The iTrip
antenna finally arrived and I could listen to the pod
in the car w/o any wires. 

Then I decided to wire the pod to the bose. I got the
radio harnedd from Elijahs' dead S4 so I could do a
plug and play install w/o cutting any wires at all.

I tried it saturday and it worked, sometimes.  My damn
Bose "mode" button is flakey and most of the time I
can't get the mode to switch to CD from FM.

So i thought that well it may be time for a reman.
radio.  I get them cheap from the dealer I used to
work for.

But guess what.  Reman Bose Gamma radio are, you
guessed it NLA!!!!

So thats it.  We're done for reman radios when the
Boses die

I have neither the time to do it or the money to pay a
pro to "unBose" my car.  I did it to my 91 200 and I
had crap for bass. When the spekers are changed all
those Bose ports in the door just didn't work right
anymore. I would have needed a bass tube or box.

So I know awhile back someone had posted something
about some Nakamichi that somehow worked with Bose
systems.  Anyone?

Till then it's iTrip for the 'pod.


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