[s-cars] Brake Sensor Light

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I have a 93 S4 and had a similiar problem with the brake light coming on
when going over a bump. It kept getting worse and also required a motor
restart to clear. It actually turned out to be the float in the brake
cylinder sticking.

Peter S.
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> I've had the same issue when I installed Mintex Redbox front pads, though
> it's sporadic.  Sometimes it will come on everytime I hit a bump (and stay
> until you cycle the ignition on and off), and then there are times that it
> will go away for weeks.  I attribute it to the contacts on the harness
> the Mintex pads being looser than they should be and it's not providing a
> good circuit.  I've lived with it for now since mine is more intermittent,
> but at some point I may add some contact enhancer or try to tweak the
> contacts a bit to provide a better connection.
> Bob
> > Good Morning all,
> >
> >             I replaced my front pads on my 95 S6 with the Mintex variety
> > with the sensor wires. After doing this, the sensor light is still on.
> > Are there rear pad sensors as well? If not, does the dash light need to
> > be reset by Audi?
> >
> >
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
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> > E
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