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Wait a minute Charlie, I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but Trevor Frank has
exchanged an email asking, "Why lower compression?"  And, on looking at it,
I'm not sure I really have a good answer other than, "Well the crowd says
so" and "Well you remember the stories about those monster Porsche 930's
with CR less than 7...." etc.

FWIW, Audi still seems to be doing something like this with its "low" vs.
"high" output 1.8t motors.  I.e., the high output apparently runs a CR of
8.9:1 and a K04 turbo to make 225hp/165kW & 280Nm/207 ft-lb while the "low"
output 1.8t runs a 9.5:1 CR with the smaller K03 to make 180bhp/132kW and
235Nm/173 ft-lb.



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