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Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Wed Jan 14 10:52:14 EST 2004

The miniscule difference in pressure would not have started a leak. 
Putting torque on the fitting would, possibly.  Anyway, the overall
solution in my humble opinion is to tap the fuel rail and use aeroquip
auto racing hose and suitable fittings to go from the filter to the
rail.  I have been waiting for my 95 to develop this notorious leak, but
as I heat shielded the critical section of the hose after I bought the
car, it hasn't yet developed a leak.


manuelsanchez at starpower.net wrote:
> Listers,
> The old adage, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" is resonating in
> my head.  I hope someone can give some good advice
> here.
> I bought a 95.5 S6 avant about 8 months ago.  After
> purchasing I brought the car to the STEALER (think you
> know where this is going) to see if there were any
> outstanding recalls on the car. Sure enough the dreaded
> fuel line recall had not been done and they agreed to
> make the repair free of charge, as they should. Mind you
> that the lines were not leaking when I brought it to them in
> July.  I have noticed a strong odor of fuel upon start-up
> recently, particularly on very cold mornings.  Sure enough,
> the "new and improved" fuel line was leaking significant
> amounts of fuel from the coupling adjacent to the brake
> master cylinder. It was the upper line that was leaking
> onto the lower line, so much so that I could not tell if the
> lower was leaking as well.  I towed it to the stealer.  He
> replaces the upper line at no cost.
> I ask if he is going to replace the lower line as well. He
> states that if he can prove that it is bad he would. I of
> course point out that the upper line was supposed to be
> the "new and improved" design, yet it failed. He stated
> that the upper line has a different part number than the
> "new and improved" line that went in as a fix  under the
> recall for the "original" flawed line.  So now I have two fuel
> lines, each with different part numbers.  Then it gets
> better. He states that there is some "bad news".
> To quote him, " Now that the fuel line has been replaced
> and the fuel rail is receiving full pressure, another leak
> has developed at the fuel rail, and that item is not covered
> under the recall, so you will have to pay for that. The
> actual part that is failing is a braided hose with a special
> crimped fitting. If i could replace just the hose, I would,
> but the tech says that we have to order the entire rail with
> this braided hose already attached. There are none on
> the east coast. Have to get it from West coast.  Part is
> $478 + 242 labor = $720."
> Being the skeptic that I am, I ask if the technician could
> have broken this line as he was repairing the leaking
> line. He said that there was no way he could prove that.
> So is anyone familiar with this area? Is it not possible to
> replace this braided hose by itself without replacing the
> entire fuel rail?  If I am stuck replacing the entire rail, is
> this an opportunity to upgrade to "something better"?
> Oy.
> -Manny
> 95.5 S6 Avant
> MTM Stage 1+, Big Reds, H&R's and Bilsteins
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