[s-cars] Limo Tint and Back-up lights

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> Hi:
> As Igor can attest to, I have extremely dark tint on my windows.  So 
> much so
> that backing out of my driveway at night I need to stick my head out 
> the
> window to stay off the lawn.  Does anybody have experience/care to 
> comment
> on higher wattage back-up lights?  Perhaps halogens?
> Regards,
> Mark

See the below remarks from PK:

"Now... HA!  Hilarious, now there are two psychos here who have actually
thought of aeronautic quality lighting for the car.  Beyond funny.  I
actually first thought of it a few months back when I stumbled across a
bunch of runway landing light lenses that I for some reason don't ask 
have a
stash of.  A bud and me were joking around trying to come up with a use 
them, and we stumbled onto the idea of installing a plane's landing 
for aux. lighting."

Just take some of these jewels and mate with some low voltage halogen 
landscape lighting,  cut some holes in the driveway, and have your own 
runway/taxiway lights, and stay out of the mud the same way Hap does!  
Of course, Hap doesn't try to back up in the dark.


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