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I had an interesting chat with Jo Hoppen last week.  I had called their
place with a question about the MTM chips - low and behold he answered the
phone.  He asked what my app was, and when I told him it was a
UrS6 he said  "ah yes, my favorite car - the best car Audi ever made".

Jo went on to talk about how years ago they were building Audi race motors
and making big power.  Whenever they'd call Germany & ask about beefier
bottom end pieces the reply was "don't worry about it".  When I pressed him
about the oft-documented con rod ceiling he told me yes, they had had
difficulty bending rods, but it turned out to be related to ignition
problems, not inherent weakness in the rods themselves.  Once they got the
ignition under control they didn't bend any more rods.  I had to take
another call so I didn't carry this conversation any deeper.

Now I'm curious about con rod failures since Audi changed to coil packs &
POS.  This is a little tricky I know, since so many of us have had problems
in this area and they often start subtly, but if this line of thinking has
veracity the failure of ignition parts could have more far-reaching
ramifications than we might imagined.


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> Peter, no idea about the prices as the exchange rates suck for the
> BUT, IMO you won't need beefier rods for RS2 power....
> And regarding the distributor, you won't need to go to "solid state"
> 3B IS solid state already BTW), I should be starting to work soon enough
> with a fellow 200q20v lister on a 5 coil upgrade kit for the 3Bs where you
> can retain the stock 3B ECU...
> HTH,
> Mihnea
> At 08:36 14/01/2004 -0500, Peter Schulz wrote:
> >Guys:
> >
> >I'm in the similar situation with the UK S2 3b that I imported for my
> >Coupe Quattro.
> >
> >The engine has 200 kmiles on it, so some refreshing is definitely in
> >
> >Given that I would be perfectly ecstatic to have dependable RS2 power (
> >this is going to be a "occasional driver" used at driver training events
> >at tracks, I need to set a realistic budget.)
> >
> >Which means I'm not going to drop an extra $1k for forged rods at this
> >time....
> >If power gets that addictive, I'll have to chuck the distributor and go
> >solid state ignition anyway...
> >
> >wish list is valve job ( and what should I have done beside the valves
> >stem seals/seats)?
> >S6 Head gasket
> >Main and Rod Bearings
> >AAN style oil pan baffle
> >oil pump
> >all seals
> >RS2 EM
> >have the internals balanced , etc
> >
> >Should I replace the head studs with ARP or is this overkill at the low
> >
> >Other than the RS2 EM, is it possible to do this for $2500????
> >
> >-Peter
> >
> >
> >
> >
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