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Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Wed Jan 14 20:51:58 EST 2004

Hi Y'all,

Here's a nice off-topic question.

Background:  My son's lady friend owns a 1990 Ford Bronco II with ailing 
low beams.  The car is located about 300 miles from me so it's not a quick 
jump in the car and run over to take a look.  There is no available owner's 
manual in the Bronco.

He pulled the connector at the light and checked for the presence of +12 
volts (nominal).  When the dimmer switch was set to have the high beams on 
the high beams lit and he was able to find +12 volts at one pin of the 
light socket.  Tripping the dimmer switch to the low beam position neither 
low beam bulb lights and he found a small voltage of approximately 1 volts 
(varying) at the low beam lead.

My analysis:   I assume there is a relay which operates the lights (not 
necessarily a valid assumption).


1.      the dimmer switch is faulty and is not passing power to the relay 
(if present) or the light itself (if there is no relay).
2.      the relay (if present) is faulty and is not closing when the dimmer 
switch tells it to close.
3.      if the relay itself is OK (or it doesn't exist) either the wire 
from the dimmer may be kaput.
4.      if the relay itself is OK (or it doesn't exist) the wire from the 
relay load pin to the bulb connector is shot somehow.
5.      the ground connection for the low beam lights (single connection it 
appears) is open.
6.      the ground connection for the actuating side of the relay may be open.
7.      if the relay itself is OK (or it doesn't exist) the power in (+12 
volts) to the relay may be dead.

The problem is that my son, after spending quite a while under the 
hood/dash/etc, was unable to find a relay for the lights.

My question: does anyone have an owner's manual for this vehicle or have 
experience with it enough to help him find the relay if it exists?  Any 
suggestions for him?  No - dumping his absolutely gorgeous lady friend is 
not an option.  :-)

Please reply to both me and my son <Paul.Myers at uspto.gov>



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