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> I also posted on this issue back around Thanksgiving regarding the
> replacement of the ignition switch on my 95.5 S6.
> After my mechanic replaced the switch, the radio would no longer power down
> when the key was removed.  Another bizarre symptom is that the radio now
> "times out".  After an hour or two of continuous use the unit just turns
> itself off.  Depressing the volume knob brings it back to life.  I've also
> noticed the door chime no longer bugs me about leaving the keys in the
> ignition, but I won't complain about that.
> I'm curious if you're seeing similar symptoms.  I'm sorry, but I don't have
> the specifics of the part number used by the mechanic.
> Thanks,
> Robert Welch
> 93 S4
> 95.5 S6
> Golden, CO

 I never figured my wife's switch problem out. I changed the switch twice and 
it was the same thing with both new switches. Now when I turn the key off the 
radio goes of with the key in. If I leave the key in the radio comes on after 
an hour or so. So now I just take the key out every time I turn the car off. 
I haven't had it stay running with the new switch like it did with the old 
switch turned off but I'm not sure if that was a switch problem in the first 
place because all I had to do to shut it off is put it in neutral which I have no 
idea why that would have anything to do with it but it worked every time. 
Gotta love these cars though.


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