[s-cars] Washer line

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Thu Jan 15 21:03:04 EST 2004

To make it easier, slide the hydraulic fluid accumulator out of the
bracket, remove the 3 bolts that secure the bracket to the fender and
remove the bracket.  You can now see the connection.  If you still can't
see the problem, then remove the top bolt of the windshield washer
plastic container and the two nuts on the base of it (use a very long
extension) and pull out the accumulator.  My line popped out of the
rubber tubing a couple of times until I finally put a pair of hose
clamps on it.  The other S4 had a cracked plastic line, everything
looked fine except the fluid was dripping on the ground when the pump
was running.  Things should become very obvious if you have someone turn
on the washer as you watch it (you might get a eyeful of windshield
washer fluid though!).

-- Rich A. 
   '92 & '93 S4

>With the hood open, if you start on the drivers side
>and feel along the bottom lip of the hood, you should
>feel the 1/4" or so plastic fluid line. It's supposed
>to be fitted inside a 2" or so length of rubber tubing
>thats connected to the rest of the plastic tubing that
>runs the rest of the length of the hood.  It fits in
>without much slack so it's kind of a pain to put back
>together, especially when its "god-has-forsaken-us"
>cold outside (thanks Jon Stewart).

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