[s-cars] Socket details and URL for Multifunction temp switch

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Fri Jan 16 01:09:39 EST 2004

What you need is 29 mm 6 pt deep socket (12 pt would work but it has to
be DEEP) to Remove and Replace the multifunction switch. The one I
bought is a Westward DMS12629 (1/2" drive) (ie.D = deep, 12 = 1/2 in
(about in mm) drive, 6 = points, 29 = mm).

Scott Justason has a good write up at:


I changed my MFTS one Sunday morning (engine cool) in 10 min. in my
Sunday go-to-meetin' clothes (biggest problem is getting the boot of the
switch and then, when you do get the failed MFTS out, plugging the hole
with one left finger while you swap the old for the new into the palm of
your left hand with your right hand.  I know some of you have more
practise than others swapping "parts" from one palm to another so I know
you can do it.)


Dave F.

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