[s-cars] Socket details and URL for Multifunction temp switch

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Fri Jan 16 01:18:36 EST 2004

You don't absolutely NEED that socket.  The job can be done, if a bit 
inconveniently, with an adjustable wrench (Crescent wrench).  BTDT.

BTW, it's Scott Mockry not Scott Justason.

At 10:05 PM 1/15/2004 -0800, Dave Forgie wrote:

>What you need is 29 mm 6 pt deep socket (12 pt would work but it has to
>be DEEP) to Remove and Replace the multifunction switch. The one I
>bought is a Westward DMS12629 (1/2" drive) (ie.D = deep, 12 = 1/2 in
>(about in mm) drive, 6 = points, 29 = mm).
>Scott Justason has a good write up at:
>I changed my MFTS one Sunday morning (engine cool) in 10 min. in my
>Sunday go-to-meetin' clothes (biggest problem is getting the boot of the
>switch and then, when you do get the failed MFTS out, plugging the hole
>with one left finger while you swap the old for the new into the palm of
>your left hand with your right hand.  I know some of you have more
>practise than others swapping "parts" from one palm to another so I know
>you can do it.)
>Dave F.
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