[s-cars] Re: front "air dam"

William Noland wenoland at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 16 09:22:26 EST 2004

The official name of the plastic tray is a "sound damper", which would 
indicate that the primary purpose is to quiet things down. No doubt that 
it smoothes out the airflow under the car and keeps things cleaner in 
the engine compartment.

The bumper cover tends to get caught on concrete parking blocks, etc. 
This will sometimes pop the tray out at the front. First high speed run 
and POW -- the tray pops out completely in front and grinds down on the 
road in no time. So, check the condition of the bottom edge of the 
bumper cover and make sure it's not split. Otherwise, your new cover 
will not last too long.

Bill Noland

>I recently purchased a 93 S4 and noticed there is a missing "shield"
>beneath the front of the car.  I'm wondering what this is for.  Is it
>for aerodynamics, cooling, protection, or what?

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