[s-cars] cooling problem and question

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Fri Jan 16 18:01:29 EST 2004

Um...no.  Perhaps your dealer is a bit confused between the S6 and the A6?
Makes me wonder if you have the right t-stat?  

If does not take 6 hours to change.  You do not need to touch the timing
belt or the water pump.  You can do it in your garage.  You will have to
unbolt the hydraulic pump, but you should not have to disconnect any hoses.
Buy a 10mm 1/4inch drive socket with a built-in swivel to make your life
easier.  Allow 2 hours for your first one.


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i bought the thermostat and need to install it now.  The dealer told me it
would take 6 hours and cost arond $1000 because you need to get past the
timing belt and water pump.  is this true?  how hard is it to replace?  can
I do it in my garage?  thanks

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