[s-cars] Cheapest laptop for VAG-COM?

Richard Beels beels at technologist.com
Sun Jan 18 20:22:28 EST 2004

I'm almost certainly going to get the HEX-COM interface.

I'd like to go Libretto for size and portability.  I know the website says 
100MHz/16MB/Win95 but what's the consensus for usability/etc...  This will 
be a dedicated VAG-COM setup and I don't expect to use it for anything else 
- plenty of other computers in the house.

Also, what's the difference _in content_ between the CD and printed 
Bentleys.  I did notice on rb.com that there are new versions of most CDs 
coming out in Feb (at least for the models of cars I have) to incorporate 
new Generic ODB2 scanning and updated stuff.  No notice if the printed 
manuals are undergoing revision though.


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