[s-cars] Pinging w/MTM 1+

Scott Munger scottmunger at cox.net
Mon Jan 19 00:41:32 EST 2004

MTM Stage 1+, Stromung, Amsoil Panel filter, 91 octane, 60-65 degrees
ambient.  At WOT, I ping in 3rd gear around 4000k.  After a run or so, I'll
ping in 2nd gear.  I loaded up 1/3 tank of 101 octane (on top of 2/3 91) and
still have the prob.  I'm wary to test to throughly, as I back off as soon
as I detect it, but I drove about 20 miles w/the new mixture before testing

Ideas of what's going on?  Is the pea-shooter is just heating up the air too
much?  Would an FMIC solve (BTW, is the Mike P FMIC ready for public
consumption??) ?  I do plan on going RS2 at some point, but I'd like to at
least enjoy this :-)

I saw Cody's post on AW a while back about the same thing but no real

Thanks for any info/ideas.

--Scott Munger
'93 S4
'02 Jetta GLX  replaces '97 Cabriolet - Let out to pasture

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