[s-cars] Pinging w/MTM 1+

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
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You're correct.

Please note this:  I've bought some "old" race gas that was lousy that
had sat around for several months after a racing season and the Audi
Club folks bought it at that track with poor results.


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Thanks Ned,
> Unless you start with a computer with power off you will only get it
> sorted out about the time you've used all your good gas.  It will take
> about 50 starts to get the timing adaptation right for the new fuel.

Would you explain this further?  I understand this is the case to get
benefit of being able to advance timing due to better gas.  But it seems
me, that detonation would be retarded as soon as a higher octane fuel
available to burn.  Am I mistaken?


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