[s-cars] Vibration under load suspect center support bearing

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> 94 S-4, 92k miles...thought the problem was resolved after replacing
> tranny mounts but still present somewhat and now have bucket-o-bolts
> sound while decelerating under load. Center support bearing now the
> prime suspect. CVJ's appear "tight" with shaft on the car. Have a lead
> on a replacement shaft from a kindly lister. Everything else is tight 
> on
> the car. I'll surmise the undue torque on the shaft from the flattened
> tranny mounts may have accelerated the center bearings demise...
> But this bearing can be replaced? Anyone know the part numbers and how
> easy is this to do? I did one on my 2002tii about 20 years ago...If
> I remember.
> Great advice thus far,
> Rich


See the write-up under <urs4.com > transmission section about a 
replacement bearing.  Since Audi does not provide any repair parts for 
the driveline, they have to be sourced elsewhere.  Darin has the 
bearing at parts direct on <s-cars.org >.
It is not a straight R&R job-requires a little fabrication-but not too 

Tom '95 S6. using Donna's computer again.

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