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Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Mon Jan 19 22:31:35 EST 2004

At 06:56 PM 1/19/2004 -0800, Sean Douglas wrote:

>If you are looking for all out HP, then go for MTM, if you want smoother
>more drivability then go for one of the last three. Mihnea is a good
>choice, he is very knowledable and will tune the chip to suit your

I have had both Mihnea's "generic AAN" chips and the MTM 1+ chip set in my 
car.  The car drives well with both chip sets.  Ultimate power with 
Mihnea's chips as compared to the MTM 1+ chips feels about the same.  The 
MTM chip feels somewhat more "binary" - either on or off - while Mihnea's 
chips seem to transition between on and off somewhat more smoothly.  Which 
did I prefer?  It's not an easy call.  Both are good with only slightly 
different characteristics.  I experienced no pinging with either chip set 
using Exxon 93 (R+M)/2 fuel.  I did not have any drivability issues with 
either chip set.  I have experienced TAP chips with the OEM 2.5 bar 
pressure transducer.  Either of the two sets from MTM or Mihnea are much 
superior to those from TAP.  Part of that difference, I'm pretty sure, is 
that the 2.5 bar PT has been swapped for a 3.0 bar PT.  I have no 
experience with Wetterauer chips or Ned's chips or any others.

Mihnea is doing custom chips for my present new setup, RS2 turbo, Lucas 
37#/hr injectors, Stromung exhaust, NO RS2 EM, NO RS2 cam, etc.  While the 
project is not yet complete I am VERY pleased with where I see it going.

Someone suggested a chip set designed to accommodate 91 octane fuel at high 
altitude or other set of conditions.  While I may be speaking out of turn, 
I'd wager that Mihnea can develop specific chips for virtually any common 
setup including chips to handle 91 octane.  It may well be that others are 
capable of doing such specific chips.  The question might be, "Are others 
willing to do the development work?"


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