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> Yeah, I suppose we should all buy VMAPs now, the hell
> with trying to do performance mods.
> And I always thought it was just, air, fuel and spark
> this whole time.  Good thing guys are here to convince
> me to spend my money wisely and buy a variable
> pressure transducer that I probably don't need.
> Joe, overpriced and useless HKS boost controller and
> stepper motor now on the market so I can get a VMAP,
> Pizzo

Not sure where I went wrong! I know my English grammar sucks ... you should 
see my French ... I knew when I saw a previous post with the very sophisticated 
Latin derivative of my name "fickey" ... that I was in real trouble. 

You can use the HKS controller and bypass altitude compensation (or do they 
have that now) and bypass the ECU boost cut compensation.  I looked at Greddy 
in 1996 and decided the Motronics was much more sophisticated ... the Apex 
looked really good in 1999 mainly due to the ability to reduce boost in first gear.

These are great controllers. The HKS boost controller and any of the latest 
Fuel/Timimg controllers  ... and you can do all your own programming.

The VMAP caters to those who want to use the standard ECU and don't want to 
be limited to the 3 bar barrier of the Bosch 211.

370 HP is enough for me ... If I need more I will go to a stroker (2.6 liter) 
motor because a turbo larger than the RS2 without increasing the displacement 
will become a little too much lag for my taste. But I will always keep the 
elegance of the stock ECU.

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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