[s-cars] VMAP question

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 13:42:21 EST 2004

Only a little.  =P

Anyhow, stay away from boost controllers is the
general consensus at least here, although every other
turbo car group seems to love them.  I currently use
an HKS EVC V in my Evo and love the responsiveness of
the stepper motor, however tying everything together
nicely (as the Motronic does), unless you have a
problem controlling boost with the stock N75 valve,
you're probably better suited to sticking with the
stock boost control system.

Now whether you use a Bosch 3.0 bar, stock 2.5 bar, GM
3.0 bar or VMAP is up to you, but it looks like the
VMAP is the more expensive option and once set up
properly with the right chips for your application, I
don't see the need to keep fiddling with transducer

--- manuel <manuelsanchez at starpower.net> wrote:
> Listers,
> For the newbies to Turbos, URS cars and mods to
> ECU's, would someone care to script a primer for
> those of us (maybe just me) who don't understand
> some of the basic knowledge that those more
> experienced list members have. For example, could
> someone give a more in depth definition of VMAP?  A
> guy at work has waxed poetic about boost controllers
> (he's got a new EVO) and while I have had the
> pleasure of meeting Pizzo for a few days at one of
> the driving schools, I am unable to detect whether
> his last response was a bit sarcasm.
> Thanks.
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