[s-cars] 93 urS4: no turn over, no start, no jump

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Wed Jan 21 22:32:56 EST 2004

Turn on ignition...
Get someone on the back bumper to push,
Put in third gear, and once you have some speed dump the clutch.

I had to do this for a weekend when the starter did exactly what you
Give it a try...

Mark S
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Subject: [s-cars] 93 urS4: no turn over, no start, no jump

Patient: 93 urS4 111K miles, I'm guessing with original battery (I've
had the car for 3 years and 35K miles)

0 degrees F outside this evening. Turn the key---absolutely nothing. No
click, no starter engagement, certainly no start.

Call AAA---they bring big tow truck. Try portable power pack jump---no
luck. Hook up to the big truck---no luck. Wait 5 minutes staying warm in
big truck before trying again----no luck.

No click, no starter, no start.

If the battery is deader than the doornail---why wouldn't the jump start

What else should I check?


Eric Billing

Eagan, MN

eric.billing at ugsplm.com

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