[s-cars] 93 urS4: no turn over, no start, no jump

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Jan 21 23:16:44 EST 2004

> Eric  Billing shivers in MN:

> Patient: 93 urS4 111K miles, I'm guessing with original battery (I've
> had the car for 3 years and 35K miles)
> 0 degrees F outside this evening. Turn the key---absolutely nothing. No
> click, no starter engagement, certainly no start.
> Call AAA---they bring big tow truck. Try portable power pack jump---no
> luck. Hook up to the big truck---no luck. Wait 5 minutes staying warm 
> in
> big truck before trying again----no luck.
> No click, no starter, no start.
> If the battery is deader than the doornail---why wouldn't the jump 
> start
> work?
> What else should I check?

Don't over-analyze this Eric.  Just buy a new battery and move on.   
You've used this one up and it certainly froze if discharged in zero 
conditions.  The dead cells may have protected all the other circuits 
from being fried.  In a pinch, just push it, don't jump it, and head 
straight for FL. :-)

Tom '95 S6  Think Optima

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