[s-cars] 93 urS4: no turn over, no start, no jump (MORNING AFTER)

brian bilotti vinnieb2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 22 13:33:11 EST 2004

Two weeks ago, while Edwin was still part of the
living, I had the same exact thing happen. My pet
shop, European Auto Service, DBA EAS Tuning in Walnut
Creek,CA (plug)traced the problem to the door
switch/alarm. It disables the ignition. Before they
did that though they changed the ignition switch which
was also cracked and ready to go. I suggest you
replace that too, or at least inspect it.
--- "Billing, Eric" <eric.billing at ugsplm.com> wrote:
> Summary to date:
> This mornings temp is 9 below, windchill 25-35
> below. But as they say
> "it's a dry cold". At least it's sunny. High today
> may get to 5 above.
> Tomorrow's forecast is 16 and light snow. I'm stuck
> at home this
> morning. The car is at work 30 miles away. I plan to
> head on over there
> when it warms up a bit.
> To repeat my predicament, my 93 urS4 111K miles,
> probably original
> battery, wouldn't start last night. Turn the key,
> and nothing happens.
> Lights and accessories (radio, climate control,
> power windows) all
> appear to have power. Last night, lights on,
> headlights turn on/off at
> the usual sequence (eg. Key off, lights off, parking
> lights on, Key on,
> lights on, Key to start, lights dim a bit, etc.).
> As I said, I believe it may be the original
> battery---which I will
> gladly replace. However, if it was just a dead
> battery, would have the
> accessories that I do, and why would I be unable to
> jump it. Now that
> I'm home, I've reviewed the owner manual and found
> the location of the
> negative terminal. Perhaps the AAA guy never got a
> good connection? He
> appeared to trying several different locations. Now
> that I know the
> location, I'll get up there with my own cables and
> try again. Maybe???
> Others have suggested that the problem may be:
> *	Security system with the suggestion to disconnect
> the battery
> for a few minutes to clear it. While I didn't notice
> anything unusual
> with the unlock/locking of the car, the fact that
> its stone cold
> unresponsive (kind of like my Honda which would do
> nothing if the clutch
> was not firmly planted on the floor) this suggestion
> makes a little
> sense. Plus the suggested remedy is easy to do &
> verify.
> *	Another suggestion was 'did you hear the fuel
> pump' which I have
> to admit, that I didn't. Then again, I'm not certain
> if I ever hear the
> fuel pump. I will take more careful observations of
> what I hear/don't
> hear when I go up there this afternoon. I'll also do
> better job of
> observing what happens to the accessories and lights
> when I try to
> start.
> *	Starter failure or corrosion/poor connections on
> various starter
> cables. Can you suggest some procedures (or Bentley
> references) to test?
> Shouldn't I still be able to push start the car? I
> have to drive right
> past a dealership on the way. Should I pick up a
> part or two---how much
> would a cable, solenoid or starter be---or simply
> have AAA flatbed the
> car to Anderson Motorsports (45 miles from where car
> is currently
> located) and let them debug it?
> Thanks for all of your suggestions.
> Eric
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> Eric Billing
> Eagan, MN
> eric.billing at ugsplm.com
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