[s-cars] need head

serge serge411 at speakeasy.org
Thu Jan 22 18:13:11 EST 2004


This sucks (no pun intended). I got the call from my mechanic, and what I
thought was a bad turbo seal is not. I believe the  guides have let some oil
make its way into the combustion chamber, leaving deposits on the valves and
the seats. The leakdown test showed significant leakage in several

I'm probably looking at a rebuilt head a$$embly. Patient is a 95 Avant with
125k miles, so young for such a procedure. Anyway if anybody has a complete
head assembly sitting around, or is willing to part with one contact me off
the list. 

I am also looking for any thoughts, BTDT with this type of problem.

Serge Filanovsky

95 S6 Avant

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