[s-cars] Re: Motronics MAP - some fuzzy logic included

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Thu Jan 22 19:08:36 EST 2004

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pizzoman at yahoo.com writes:

> The next step up from the VMAP development would be to
> allow for the ECU to control a stepper motor or
> quicker solenoid, allowing for more precise control.
> Come on, Feico, I know you can do it.  =)

How many are you going to sell? 

Reprogramming the Motronics unit to control a stepper motor based on the VMAP 
output would be a much more elegant solution or an intelligent interface 
between the current Motronics WGFV output and a stepper motor controller.

You probably will want the interface + stepper motor controller for less than 
$150.00. Assuming the cost in low volume is as low as $100.00 and 100 buyers 
over a one year period leaves $5K. Assuming as low as 250 man hours for 
concept verification, development, manufacturing verification and test + 
installation support ... leaves 20/hr ... better than 5/hr.

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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