[s-cars] Re: fuzzy logic et. al.

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Fri Jan 23 20:13:44 EST 2004

What happens with the A'pexi is that as the temperature changes toward
winter, the controller's learned summer response tends to generate too
high a boost pressure, so it learns to cut back WG top pressure.  In the
spring, the boost starts getting lower, so the controller relearns to
lean on the WG a bit more.  It's just an adaptive control.  Whether
there is any fuzzy logic used, as the term is properly defined, I don't
know.  Nor do I see a reason for it to use fuzzy logic.  There are more
efficient ways of adaptive control, so long as the critical state is


Vincent Frégeac wrote:
> Working with the delta between expected and actual is the definition of
> "closed loop" controllers, which is any controller with a sensor for
> what it controls. "Fuzzy logic" does a bit more. It react to this gap
> once and "remember" what happens so next time, instead of trying
> different parameters, it will apply what it learned from the last time.
> Moreover, if it learns from two set of conditions, it can deduct what to
> do in between these conditions. In fact, in any application when you
> can't program all the possible conditions, a learning "fuzzy logic"
> controller is superior to a classical binary logic programmed
> controller.
> BTW, I'm thinking that, as we have to reset the Motronic to erase what
> it has learned, there is a good chance the Motronic includes a "fuzzy
> logic" part for this "learning" process.
> My 0.02 cents of experience in fuzzy logic and other controllers, no
> BTDT in engine control though.
> Vincent.
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> Pastore...  The delta between map and desired boost could be the danger
> zone
> by definition.  The way I understand these machines in learn mode is
> that the
> map is looking for flutter vs desire, which is an indication of surge
> line by
> definition.
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