[s-cars] Spark plug thread refurbishing

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at comcast.net
Sun Jan 25 22:39:57 EST 2004

Did I blame anyone?  Sorry,  I did not notice it and, certainly, did not 
mean it.  I just suggested to warn  new owners/listers about this 
problem.  You probably got used to it but  this one is really unexpected 
"feature" and very "powerful".  If IR key does not work under 
fluorecsent light or vacuum hose on the firewall comes out  - not a big 
deal.  It is never late to go to list's help or search archives,  
flatbedding the car to your driveway is not harmful to the car and just 
slightly irritate some part  of brain.  Loose plug can make you really 
regret you did not know about it.
 I did not lurk on the list a lot as I dwelled on quatro list most of 
the time - I also own two 200tq  '89 - and I just didn't have time to 
follow s-list.  Now I can say, unfortunately.
I will appreciate if you send me info about that tool.   Currently,  I 
am thinking about TimeSert and, actually was planning to order it 
tomorrow.   I will hold on  and research more. 

Thank you.

>Konstantine:  I don't know how you would miss seeing a "spark plug
>thread problem" thread if you were lurking on the list for months. It
>certainly comes up very often. I have been on the List for almost 6
>years and it definitely comes up several times per year.
>In any event, you can not blame the list for you not doing you're home
>work.  If, when you got your car and YOU had asked about any known
>issues or things to look for, the List would have responded immediately
>and the spark plug issue would have been near the top of the list.
>On a positive note, there is a "new"ish device on the market that goes
>through the spark plug hole without touching the threads.  You then
>expand it and rethread the threads from the inside out.  This prevents
>any problems with cross threading if you tried to retap from the top.
>This may or may not work in your case.  But it would be worth a try.  I
>will try to find a link to the device.  (I just saw a photo of it in the
>last two weeks but where??)
>Dave F.

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