[s-cars] Blown vs. "loose" Bilstein

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Fender washers at the bottom of the strut might help
keep it tight, but it would be best to make sure that
the bottom of the strut insert will still be adequately
centered in the strut housing.

Based on the wear pattern in the paint of some original
Boges, it appears that the bottom of the strut insert
is centered by a narrower ridge or taper in the strut
housing..This wear pattern is a narrow ring about 1.35"
in diameter on the bottom of the insert. The bottom of
the Bilstein has a tapered portion extending out to
about 1.5" diameter that looks like it was designed for
centering purposes.

The tops of the Boges (1.946" dia.) fit snugly in the strut
housing, and the OEM nut only holds them down and
does not center the strut. The bottom of the Boges are 1.912" dia.
The Bilsteins are 1.810" (46mm) diameter top and bottom.
A recess inside the Bilstein nut centers the top of these
narrower strut inserts.
Because the bottoms of the Bilsteins are 0.10" narrower
than  the Boges, it is even more important the that
they be properly centered and held from lateral movement.


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> Let's not forget that the Bilsteins are gas-pressurized, and the RED
> oil/grease you see on the piston is lube for the piston, not a "leaky"
> bilstein.  A blown Bilstein will not rebound.
> Also, there have been several complaints from many listers, myself
> commenting on a "clunk" deriving from Bilstein's "cap nut" collar that
> Bilstein uses to affix the strut in the housing.  This collar does not
> thread down tight enough with the Bilstein tool to stop the "clunking".
> One solution I have found quite successful is to place 2 large fender
> washers in the bottom of the strut housing, which raises the strut up
> to be held better in place by Bilsteins shitty nut collars.  Then, throw
> away Bilstein's tool and use the proper tool for tightening the collars
> down - a pair of Blue Point 340mm channel locks.  You know, the biggest
> known to man.  I have successfully tightened these collars a solid 2-3
> additional turns beyond Bilstein's crappy tool, which cures the clunk.
> Ray Tomlinson
> Boston
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