[s-cars] Spark plug thread refurbishing

Bob Frizzell bobfrizzell at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 26 13:05:26 EST 2004

Using an impact wrench on the spark plugs!?  I hope to hell this isn't
common practice.
93 Canucky S4
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> All:
> The problem has been resolved (for minor cost).  It appears the monkey lad
> at the dealer who changed the plugs 3000 miles ago used an air impact
> to remove and install the plugs.  (BTW, the plugs in other cylinders were
> torqued well above specification, as the breakaway torque was over 35
> ft-lb.)  When he did that, he managed to pull the seated insert out a bit
> (it is a shouldered solid insert, not an open helicoil).  Thus when trying
> to toque the plug, I was actually screwing in the insert.  When we pulled
> the plug, the insert came out with it.  Removing the insert from the plug
> made it unusable.  Threads on the insert were good, with no aluminum chips
> noted, indicating the threaded hole in the head was undisturbed.
> a new insert (with some Loctite I believe)and reinstalled to plug (to the
> proper torque ~25 ft-lbs).  All seems OK.  I am planning a nasty call to
> dealer (Mohegan Lake Motors, Yorktown, NY) to inform them that they have
> lost a service customer due to their mechanic's ineptitude and desire to
> beat the flat rate manual.
> Michael Bess
> '95 S6
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> Michael,
> I think timeset will work in this application as far as seat goes. I
> don't trust helicoil even though successfull case were reported.
> Timesert looks as more "solid" approach to me. I think you can go to
> thicker was insert if the first one failed.
> Keep us posted.
> Thank you.
> Konstantin.
> P.S. Oh man, I feel you pain!
> Michael Bess wrote:
> >I too have experienced the dreaded occurrence.  I required a threaded
> >insert, which was able to be performed without removing the head.  The
> >specialist who did the job did not use the Timesert because I was told
> >its geometry prevented proper plug seating against the head.  Since the
> >insert installation, new plug, new coil, all was fine for at least 3000
> >miles (car ran strong all the time, no indications of plug related
> >I have the MTM/Hoppen 1+ chip modification.  Then it was time for the
> normal
> >spark plug change (done at the really convenient dealer since I figured
> what
> >could he possibly do wrong to foul up that job and the 90,000 mile
> service).
> >All had gone well until yesterday.  As a precaution I had begun the 3000
> >mile spark plug torque check. Checking it for the first time yesterday
> guess
> >what I find, the toque on the same bad cylinder (#2) plug is only 15
> >I crank it about a 1/4 turn expecting the torque to rise, but no change.
> >Tried another 1/4 turn and still no change.  Now I'm in a panic.  Did the
> >dealer F*** something up (like back the insert all the way out and then
> a
> >Mickey mouse reinstall?).  So I called the Audi dude who did the insert
> >and reported the problem.  I'll be bringing it in for him to check
> tomorrow,
> >hoping for the least amount of problem (maybe the insert did simply back
> out
> >and it can be simply reinstalled).  Will keep the list apprised of
> >
> >If the insert itself has stripped in the head, what is the fix?  New
> >Gaaah, I hate to think of the worst that can be.
> >
> >Michael Bess
> >Project Manager-Die Casting
> >International Zinc Association
> >
> >
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> >
> >Konstantin,
> >
> >I can relate.  I just went through this repair on my UrS6.   Not a cheap
> >repair.  The onset of symptoms was pretty rapid, but I didn't help the
> issue
> >any because after the initial symptom showed itself, it rapidly went
> >away....and then I proceeded to drive 500+ miles.   So my threads were
> >pretty toasted.  I had the head pulled and threads repaired (#5
> >
> >Paul
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> >
> >
> >
> >
> >>I can't express my frustration due to the havoc made by loose spark plug
> >>in my UrS4.   Just because I did not know about this species congenital
> >>defect!  I don't have time to read all posts but it could save me as
> >>there were some discussions on the topic quite recently.  :-(
> >>So,  connector lead is shuttered,  spark plug's thread is FUBAR as
> >>thread in the head,  coil's plastic body is cracked.  Right now I am
> >>looking at TimeSert repair kit for deep hole (upto 6'').  Does anybody
> >>went through this procedureJ?  Any better product than TimeSert?
> >>I don't have necessary tools to measure all geometry.  Does anyone has
> >>dimensions for seat diameter and thread length?
> >>
> >>Does every one has plugs loosening?   Any remedy?
> >>
> >>Thank you.
> >>
> >>Konstantin
> >>P.S.  Please,  when new person join the list after recent car purchase,
> >>welcome him by raising awareness of loose spark plugs (anything else
> >>treacherous like this one?) :-)
> >>
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