[s-cars] Allroad Experiences Anyone?

R. Mair waves at comcast.net
Mon Jan 26 23:09:32 EST 2004

>>1. Has anyone had any experiences with reliability, good or bad?

Awesome. No problems with our 2002 AR as of yet.

>>2. Has anybody painted those insidious pieces of ABS plastic to match the
body color and did it work OK, what was involved, etc.

EEEGADS NO! why would you want to do that? That makes the car stand out from
the standard A6 Avant. If you don't care for the color contrast, buy a dark
colored AR. We bought Silver, so the flares really stand out.

>>3. I know the autos now come with a Sport-Mode shifting algorithm; the
we drove did not have it, what year did those first appear?

Well, we ordered a 6 speed, but wifey changed it at the last minute when she
found out she was pregnant. We have the Tip with sport mode :-/ Anyway, I'm
amazed Audi doesn't promote this car more. This is easily the most
versatile car I've ever experienced. In one day, I drove this car 1000
vertical feet up a 'blue-square' ski slope where I work (no snow, but lots
of mud and tall grass/rocks, and I have pix to prove it) and then easily hit
135mph on the turnpike on the way home (once and done). I trust this car to
carry my kids to day care and back and to get everyone home in the worst
kind of weather. So far, it has exceeded my expectations and I highly rec.
this car to anyone. I did install 18" wheels and conti CH95's, but I
couldn't sneak the chip in just yet. However, I did just get a chipped 94 S4
so I'm as much in a hurry to get more scoot in the Allroad.


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