[s-cars] INSURANCE ALERT: A call to arms

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Tue Jan 27 12:10:35 EST 2004


Some clubs keep a database of car sales for this very reason. It needs to be
properly documented so it has credibility (ie, you can't let every Tom, Dick
and Franz entering made up sale prices on a web page), but the result would
be quite useful.

Wonder if this is something that could be built into s-cars.org. After you
register, you enter the purchase price of your car, the date, condition,
mileage, and mods.


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> Dear S-Heads-
> The battle has begun... My insurance carrier has
> kindly offered me Blue book + $1000. Yes, that's
> roughly $12,000 for Edwin. I can hear the calculaters
> clicking... Most of you who have done any mods to your
> cars have a minimum of $2000 in brakes alone. They're
> hanging their hat on an endorsement that limits their
> liability to an additional $1000 over ACV. I ask you,
> what is ACV? Follow me here, I believe ACV is what a
> willing buyer and a willing seller agree on , not just
> what a '93 S4 is worth. So, you have car that has a
> new motor, new paint, all RS2 stuff, big brakes, new
> interior, bla, blah, blah, essentially a turn-key car,
> done. How much will the market bear? Ah, good
> question, certainly not how much $$ was put into it
> (cringing) but I believe certainly more than a stock
> '93 S4. That's what's going to be at issue here.
> I spoke to an appraiser and he brought up a good
> point, try to find similar cars that sold say within a
> year. I know that's a stretch but that's why I'm
> asking for help. If you guys know of any modified,
> different levels ok, S-Cars that have sold, please let
> me know or put me in contact with the sellers off
> list. Remember, THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU, so let's get
> some precedence setting stuff in place NOW!!!!
> I also welcome any comments, suggestions, insights,
> anything.
> Sincerely
> Brian Bilotti
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