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Tue Jan 27 22:09:08 EST 2004

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billdealva at yahoo.com writes:

> I am in need of new struts for my 95 S6 with 93,000 miles and would 
> appreciate some guidance.
> 1) Are any specialized tools required to replace the struts and is it a 
> reasonable undertaking for a moderately experience home mechanic?

Really pretty easy.  No special tools required.

> 2) Should all four struts be replaced at once (or is it unreasonable to 
> replace just the front struts)?

It would be reasonable to do just the fronts IMO, if that's what you want to 

> 3) Should I plan on replacing the upper strut bearings along with the 
> struts?

Unlikely, IMO.

> 4) What other parts should I plan on replacing along with the struts?

Struts alone would be fine.

> 5) What are the best struts for the 95 S6 and what are some good sources?  I 
> have a quote from Shox.com for Bilstein OE sport suspension struts (rear 
> shaft 12mm) at $449 in sets of four (not sure whether the price is for one or 
> for all four).

Bilsteins are nice.  I use Konis and like them as well.  That price would be 
for all 4, and shox.com is about as good of a price as you will find.

> 6) Approximate how much should I expect to pay a dealer for the complete 
> job?

I have no guess.  More than the struts, probably.

Good luck, and HTH,
Dave in CO

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