[s-cars] INSURANCE ALERT: A call to arms

Keith Maddock keith-list at maddock.uzipp.com
Wed Jan 28 15:16:26 EST 2004

Ray wrote:

>--- Joseph Pizzimenti <pizzoman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >  10000  Insurance Payout
> > - 1500  Buyback
> > ---------
> >   8500
> > + 1500  Sold parts off wreck
> > ---------
> >  10000
> > + 4200  Sold wreck
> > ---------
> >  14200  Made a couple bucks
> >
> > Looks like he doubled his money to me, math major.
>+ 1000 (summer tire and wheel package, which he kept)
>  15200
>- 30,800 (opportunity cost - lost salary, aggravation, loss of use,
>replacement cost, monthly car payment, insurance, depreciation)
>I take it both of you never studied economics.

ROTFLMAO :)  Thanks Pizzo & Teddy for helping me out there.

Actually the whole thing worked out pretty well, as it was during the 
winter.  Since I spend most of my winters away from home in remote 
snowy/icy areas, I don't need a car much during the winter.  In this case, 
I was able to borrow a vehicle from work through the whole winter until I 
got the car replaced.

"You see boss, A) the vehicle got damaged because *you* sent me to BFE 
Sweden for 3 weeks in December, and B) if I have to take time off work to 
find a new car, then that is work time lost during our by-far-busiest 
season of the year."
"  OK, Keith, why don't you hold on to the keys to that loaded 3/4 ton 
pickup with the Escalade drivetrain for the rest of the winter."
"  OK, Sure Boss!"

Lost Salary = 0  (Who said I spent 6 months working FULL time on that?)
Aggravation = Good point!  5k there alone.
Loss of Use = 0 (borrowed vehicle from work)
Replacement/upgrade cost for 93 S4: 11.5k (pre mods!)
Monthly Car Payment = 0  (the car was paid for)
Insurance Cost = Minor
Depreciation = 0

When I did the math I had a total of 16,5 k into the 200q20v  during the 
1.5 years that I had owned it. (excluding gas, insurance, etc).  So it 
worked out fairly reasonably in the end, all things considered , about $100 
a month to own the 200q20v.


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