[s-cars] Fuzz logic vs adaptive learning

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 16:06:22 EST 2004

Do you work for Bill Gates?

Microsoft is aggressively working towards having their software in
every car made..

Read here:


..Your desires may not be entirely unrealistic...but you may get wet
when you have to open and close the windows just to restart your car.



--- Bill Mahoney <wmahoney at disk.com> wrote:
> Part of what Linus previously wrote:
> (quote summarization here)
> "programmers should use familiar interfaces."
> And mr Keith added:
> Writing / Developing / Calibrating embedded passenger vehicle
> firmware
> is 
> an interesting field to be certain, and I imagine subject to some
> very 
> different constraints than anything related to aerospace and defense.
> These days, it ends up being a trade-off of many items...."
> ~
> Perhaps owning a urS and always wanting to add things has made me
> more
> aware of driver car interfaces due to limited dash board/console real
> estate available.  No, I won't add a pillar pod and I hate having to
> pull the ashtry out for my autometer and I have yet to cut up the IC
> to
> have a nice V1 remote install.
> So, as it pertains to electronic additions for the driver to use, it
> seems abundantly clear to even stupid me that the auto mfr's need to
> rethink they're dash boards and stop wasting space for one thing.  
> The other thing is to just use a pc type interface or two or three to
> operate at least the entertainment/communication and navigation
> systems.
> This way, the driver / buyer could always upgrade to the latest and
> greatest if he chose to and have something to operate that he is
> somewhat familiar with. Duh!
> It could also allow for some easy software/firmware upgrade
> installations if and when they become available.
> All the shortcomings of bmw's, Mercedes, and Audi (mmi) IME really
> are
> due to the fact that automakers will always be whay behind the curve
> in
> developing and implementing these apps.  Thus, they are old and
> complicated by the time they arrive, even in a $70k+ car.
> So how about a couple of tablet type pc screens to control these
> systems
> and perhaps some motronic features too?  Realtime vagcom; it sounds
> like
> the Shadetree group is already on to this.
> Hey (I think) its going to happen anyway, so why not sooner than
> later?
> Thanks for listening;)
> Bill m  -off soapbox
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