[s-cars] AAN flywheel AWOL

Jouko Haapanen joukoh at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 29 11:58:20 EST 2004

Having an engine apart for over two years does not generally help once time
comes to start assembling it.  It now appears that we have managed to
misplace the flywheel.  I don't know how, but it is nowhere to be found.
The same applies to the clutch.  I'm not having a lot of luck with this
assembly process...

If anyone has an extra flywheel kicking around or knows a source for
something cheaper than the new Audi part, I'd appreciate any help.  As to
the clutch, I guess I'll buy a new one - at least it is not as expensive as
the flywheel.

Maybe one day the car will be driveable again.  :(

Jouko Haapanen

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