[s-cars] Built in phone - 93 S4

Jerry Scott jerryscott at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 1 10:55:58 EDT 2004

Someone should work on a design to put an Ipod in the armrest in place 
of the phone.

Wayne Dohnal wrote:

>>I've been thinking about removing the built-in phone from my 93 S4. In the
>>three years that I've owned the car, I've never activated it, and don't see
>>myself doing so in the future. Is there any way to update the phone to
>>modern technology? If I decide to sell the car in the future (not anytime
>>soon), is the value lowered because the phone is removed? What have others
>I've been enjoying the use of the armrest as a storage compartment after
>removing the phone a couple of years ago.  It's not the world's best
>compartment, but it does the job.
>I doubt that there is any reasonable way of updating the phone other than
>totally replacing it.  I personally see little value in a built-in phone
>because it's redundant with a standard cell phone and everybody has one
>these days.  I know it's nicer with the vehicle integration, but not nice
>enough for me to have another monthly bill.
>As the S4s depreciate, I'd imagine that more and more of their owners would
>be in the demographic category that don't want to take on another monthly
>expense just because it's a little more convenient.  Most of those people
>probably have cars less than a few years old.
>Wayne Dohnal
>1994 S4
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