[s-cars] RE: Catastrophic Engine Stoppage

Fifield, Douglas Douglas.Fifield at TENNANTCO.com
Thu Jul 1 11:16:50 EDT 2004

Mark wrote

> Ok boys, what do you think?  Cruising on my way to work the 
> Audi died.  I 
> managed to coast it over to the shoulder and it just died.  
> It would not and has 
> not started since.  I had it towed back home and pulled codes 
> tonight.  They 
> are 2413 (mixture), 2113 (hall effect sensor), 2121 (idle 
> switch), and 2111 
> (rpm sensor).  The car is a 95.5 S6 with 101K miles.  
> If it is the hall effect sensor by the cam sprocket anybody BTDT?

One more possibility, tho not too likely, is that you have a problem in the
ECU.  I experienced the same problem about a year ago, with a "cam position
sensor" fault pulled.  Turned out that one of the chips in my recent MTM
upgrade was bad.  The fault code was a red herring.

Took some detective work to figure it out.  Just thought I would toss it

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