[s-cars] Could it be the GP RS2 turbos are "over" spec?

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Thu Jul 1 19:52:34 EDT 2004

Gary:  I know SOMETHING is wrong.  But What?  I have followed the tried and true "formula":  RS2 EM, RS2 Turbo, RS2 MAF, RS2 (Bosch Green) injectors and software that has been tried and tested and found to be fine on several other installations.  I am not running an RS2 FPR or exhaust cam.  I have just changed the fuel filter, but I can't get the FPR to pop out so I can put the new one in.  I just came in for a break (and a drink - of water).  (I also had to put a new battery in my wife's Jetta (that's how the day started - badly) and
just changed her oil (while I had the car)).  Now to finish the FPR.  Hopefully this will be the fix (but I doubt it).

Dave F.

"Lewis, Gary M" wrote: I still don't believe it....(edit) .... Something else is wrong Dave.
Gary Lewis

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