[s-cars] RS2-related fuel pump questions

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Tue Jul 6 00:24:50 EDT 2004

Joey:  Thanks for the hint re: FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR.  Unfortunately,
I just replaced it (and the fuel filter) with no real improvements.  The
FPR is a new OEM 4.0 bar, i.e. I should get 4 bar over manifold pressure
at all times, i.e. the injectors always see a delta of 4 bar so the only
variable is duty cycle. (And the injectors are the green Bosch "RS2"
injectors, RS2 MAF, etc.).  Since nobody would confirm the recent GP
newly manufactured  RS2 turbos aren't flowing more air than the NOS RS2
turbos, then I have to suspect the 091 G OEM fuel pump isn't up to it.
Hence looking at the 044 Motorsport pump.

Dave F.

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