[s-cars] NEA / TJM accolades

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Tue Jul 6 09:16:14 EDT 2004


>From the files of "you've heard it before and you'll hear it again'...

Got my car back from a long stint up with the kind folks @ Northern European
Automotive / TJM Motorsport in NH Friday.  New PS pump, AC compressor,
driveshaft ends, and a head gasket.  SWEET!  Tim is a very down to earth,
level headed car nut and is very personable, friendly, and an all around
great guy.  As is his colleague Brian and all the others up there.  Great
folks, great work, they know their stuff.  Which is why I went from CT to NH
for wrenching!


My 12/94 build //S6 had a paper head gasket.  Bizarre, seem to be a number
of them out there.  Also, they found a busted vacuum line under the intake
manifold (not sure which one?).  Must have been running me lean up high
(duh), I picked up an easy 500 rpms of powerband at the top of the tach
where it was flattening off before.  SWEET!  Wonder how long that had been?
Good news also was that pistons and head looked great, nice and clean @
130k, chipped and flogged for the last ~ 50k or so.  My 1+ program used to
ping a bit (now almost gone), was worried we'd see evidence thereof upon
head removal.  Nope.


If you're in the northeast and need work done, it's worth the journey over
to them.  Especially if your Accel Warranty is paying the entire nut teee
heeee 8-).  Yeah yeah, duh, we've heard that before but I still wanted to
share my appreciation.  Damn, they even tossed in a Dahlback hat and T
shirt, cool.  Bummer though, Tim's gnarly A4 1.8T was apart, I didn't get a
ride...  sure wanted to feel what a 1/4 in the mid 12s @ low 120s... out of
a 4 banger... felt like.  Oh well...

CT 133 miles from NEA / TJM... done in 90 minutes
'95 //S6 back and like new after few week hiatus...  ready for more flogging

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