[s-cars] RS2-related fuel pump questions

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Dave -

I know this is a late reply, but I notice the Bently/Dymant have a fairly
comprehensive fuel injection test & checking protocol (Dyamant Sections
@24-11 ?? Bentley volume #1, Section J) which includes a set of tests and
expected values for pressure (J 24-13 etc.) to be checked both with pump
running (should be between 4.0 & 4.2 bar (58-61psi) and immediately after
pump is switched off, 3.4 to 3.7 bar (49-54 psi); expected fuel pressure
drop with engine running; expected residual pressure values after 10 minute
shut down for cold vs. hot motor, followed by a section of fuel injector
quantity and leakage tests (Bentley Sections J 24-31 & on, involving glass
burettes etc.)

Have you gotten to the point where all of these have been done, and still
think you have a fuel delivery problem?


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>Joey:  Thanks for the hint re: FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR.  
>Unfortunately, I just replaced it (and the fuel filter) with 
>no real improvements.  The FPR is a new OEM 4.0 bar, i.e. I 
>should get 4 bar over manifold pressure at all times, i.e. the 
>injectors always see a delta of 4 bar so the only variable is 
>duty cycle. (And the injectors are the green Bosch "RS2" 
>injectors, RS2 MAF, etc.).  Since nobody would confirm the 
>recent GP newly manufactured  RS2 turbos aren't flowing more 
>air than the NOS RS2 turbos, then I have to suspect the 091 G 
>OEM fuel pump isn't up to it. Hence looking at the 044 Motorsport pump.
>Dave F.
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