[s-cars] clutch failure on S6

Hartmann Schoebel has_nachtigal at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 7 12:09:54 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

Last night, my clutch pedal went straight to the floor.  My '95 S6 has just 
under 150k miles on it.  From  reading other posts on this list, it sounds 
like the clutch master cylinder expired.  Unfortunately, I don't have time 
right now to fix it myself.

I am about to start calling around for estimates.  Ugh.  :(

I was hoping that some of you might have some input on how much work I 
should have done.  Prior to the cylinder failing, the clutch was behaving 
fine:  no slipping, no grabbing, no chatter, etc.  Do you think that I 
should consider having the whole assembly R&R'd to prevent having to do it 
in 5,000 miles?  Will the mechanic or stealer technician be able to advise 
me on whether it need R&R?

Any other thoughts would be welcome.


1995 S6 150k

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