[s-cars] clutch failure on S6

Serge Filanovsky s6serge at verizon.net
Wed Jul 7 13:01:10 EDT 2004

I had the same thing happen to my 95 s6 Avant. The threaded piece at the end
of the actuation piston/shaft of the master cylinder broke off. I had the MC
replaced and the system was bled. This was done around 85K miles. I recently
sold the Avant with 126K on it. I believe the clutch was original. I would
not change the clutch assembly if your clutch is working fine. There is
really no overlap of work between changing the MC and the clutch itself. I
purchased the MC for $100+ somewhere online (maybe Impex) the stealer will
probably want closer to $200. I had my mechanic do the install for another
couple $100, as I have no facility to do the work myself.

Serge Filanovsky

95.5 S6 Avant

> Hi everyone,
> Last night, my clutch pedal went straight to the floor.  My '95 S6 has just
> under 150k miles on it.  From  reading other posts on this list, it sounds
> like the clutch master cylinder expired.  Unfortunately, I don't have time
> right now to fix it myself.
> I am about to start calling around for estimates.  Ugh.  :(
> I was hoping that some of you might have some input on how much work I
> should have done.  Prior to the cylinder failing, the clutch was behaving
> fine:  no slipping, no grabbing, no chatter, etc.  Do you think that I
> should consider having the whole assembly R&R'd to prevent having to do it
> in 5,000 miles?  Will the mechanic or stealer technician be able to advise
> me on whether it need R&R?
> Any other thoughts would be welcome.
> Thanks.
> Hartmann
> 1995 S6 150k
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