[s-cars] Very sad day

Marc Swanson mswanson at mswanson.com
Wed Jul 7 13:03:51 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 12:53, Elijahallen92 at aol.com wrote:
> Hi all. It is a very sad day for my. Last night I lost control of my car on a 
> tight turn in the rain and tootled my car.

Oh man!  Sorry to hear that Elijah!

I've been reading about all of the upgrade and rebuild work you have
done on the car too.  That sux!!!

Sorry for your loss, but at the end of the day you are well enough to
type out this email.. it could have been worse.  I hope to never need
firsthand proof that Audi builds safe cars....

Best Regards

-Marc Swanson-
95.5 //S6 Avant
87 4ktq
88 90q

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