[s-cars] Interesting email on my RS2 Parts for sale

Chris Ludlow pacludlow at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 7 20:53:18 EDT 2004

Received an email the other day from a guy who said he wanted the parts and 
asked again how much they were.  Also asked about their condition.  In my 
Audifans listing all the info is in there.  So I reiterated the same in an 
email to him.  This is his reply:

"Thanks so much for your concern in this transaction.also i want you to know 
i'm o.k
with the price.so i want you to know that i gave my client a call 
immediately i
got your mail about the check to be issued and send to you and he said he 
be sending the check to you but i told him to send you the check of $6,000 
all this is because i want you to forward the excess fund to my shipping 
to which will come for the cater pick-up of the(RS2 Parts) so i want you to
please kindly make the funds send to them immediately youreceived the 
(check)so if you are o.k with this i want you to please kindly reply this 
and gave me you full name,address and cell phone number to which my client 
be forwarding the check to..Hope to hear from you on time...

Hmmm   does something stink here?  Why yes I think it does.


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