[s-cars] Cell phone security code

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Wed Jul 7 23:49:24 EDT 2004

Earlier, Robert Myers wrote:
> Hi Y'all,
> Does anyone have a clue how one can recover the six digit security code 
> needed to unlock a number of features on my car's ('95 urS6) built-in 
> analog cell phone.  I never got mine from the PO and now the phone had a 
> brain fart and lost its record of the setting of the previous owner and I 
> appear to be SOL.  The phone manual says (and I quote), "If you lose or 
> forget your six digit security code, your authorized Audi dealer can 
> retrieve it electronically."  Well, _my_ local authorized Audi dealer can't.

If you find a provider that still offers Analog service, they can
unlock the phone.  They have to remove the phone electronics module
from the trunk and use a special connector on it.  I had this done 
with a V8 Quattro a few years ago.  That's the same phone.

Also, there's a 4 digit code in addition to the 6 digit code.
It usually defaults to something like 1234.  It can be used to
reset the 6 digit code.  I'd have to find a manual for more details.

    - Charlie

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