[s-cars] More audi unobtainium.......

TOM GREEN trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Jul 8 01:26:54 EDT 2004

> Craig writes:  S-fellows-
> As many of you might recall, I posted about taking a truck tire tread 
> last week at 65 mph in my LF headlight.
> Upon disassembly, the low beam projector mount and the reflector was 
> broken in addition to the lens.
> After calling the usual Audi parts supply places, and having little 
> luck, I finally located a new headlight assy at Shokan. Years ago, I 
> recall hearing some negative feedback about them, but they certainly 
> helped me out here - at least as much as $395 helps.
> I consider this "help", because I was informed that Hella no longer 
> supplies these lights. Shokan bought the last 21 sets in Hella's 
> warehouse last year. WTF? I wonder if Audi will supply these in five 
> years? Or will it just go NLA like so much of their product as in the 
> past?
> Audi certainly does not have much pride in keeping there cars on the 
> road....even stellar cars like ours.
> BTW, calling out of morbid curiosity, the local stealer quoted me $687.
> For a headlight. Bulbs not included.
> Arrgh.
> Craig..next call to Stonegard..Lebakken
> 94 S4

I think all that negative about Shokan is old stuff.   They are 
auctioning S6 headlamp assemblies for $245 fairly often on ebay as well 
as corners and taillights.   These are common to the A6 also unlike the 
S4 headlamp unique to the model and not the same as the '92-'94 model 
100.   I think the pricing is just supply and demand in the 
marketplace.  My spare set of US spec S6 headlamps with euro lenses 
would go cheap based on those prices, even if the dealer price is $435. 
  I would have been happy to help but my lamps won't fit the S4.
It appears Shokan is in the OEM Audi Hella market in a big way, but I 
don't know if it is just old stock they are liquidating.   They might 
be a place to approach for a group buy for the URS4, perhaps a new 
factory run if the demand warrants.  PG Performance has been aggressive 
in pricing for group buys also, and did great on the last euro headlamp 

Tom '95 S6

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