[s-cars] The Great Coolant Debate

evan at relivmaine.com evan at relivmaine.com
Thu Jul 8 11:45:55 EDT 2004


Just purchased my UrS6 in April and was showing it off to a fellow S-Head. 
As we were looking under the hood, he turned to me with a horrified look
and scolded me for having "green" coolant in my car.  "It's got to be the
red stuff, get that stuff out of there ASAP!"  I just looked at him dumbly
and mumbled something about the car coming that way, yadda yadda. 
Basically I've heard a few schools of thought on this issue and thought I
would consult the "All Knowing List" to see what you guys thought.  I'm
going to get it flushed, what should I put in and where should I get it?

'95 //S6

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